What will Honda bring to the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show?

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The Consumer Electronics Show, often known as CES, isn’t exactly an auto show. It’s just what it says, a show for all consumer electronics; smartphones, computers and everything in between. However, many different auto manufacturers put on presentations at CES each year, be it for a new piece of technology that will change the landscape… Read more »

Is Honda working on Augmented Reality driving technology?

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As virtual reality makes a comeback in the video game industry, with technology finally advancing far enough to be an affordable add-on to consoles like the PlayStation 4, Augmented Reality has stormed on the scene as well in a multitude of industries. Not only is it a major selling point for the hit mobile game… Read more »

What to do about the BATT LOW message

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How to turn off Battery Charge Low alert in Honda Vehicles_o

How to turn off Battery Charge Low alert in Honda Vehicles One of the most frequently asked questions we get from owners after they leave our lot with a new Honda vehicle has to do with the BATT LOW alert that might pop up on their instrument cluster. First things first, we want to make… Read more »