Will there continue to be a Honda CR-Z?

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Honda Discontinued the 2016 CR-Z Several months ago, Honda announced the all-new 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid. On top of being more stylish, efficient and powerful than ever before, it also did a much better job at delivering on the promises Honda made in regards to their sport-hybrid coupe, which was supposed to be a spiritual… Read more »

Why purchase a 2016 Honda CR-Z?

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2016 Honda CR-Z Specs & Features_o

2016 Honda CR-Z Specs & Features Unfortunately for the few true CR-Z fans out there in the world, it seems like we might not see another model after this year. Despite original rumors of a 2018 redesign, the grapevine now seems to state that Honda will be discontinuing the 2016 Honda CR-Z in just a… Read more »

Honda CR-Z rumored to return in 2018

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2018 Honda CR-Z Rumors Speculation

Canadian auto enthusiasts and Honda fans have been wondering if the Honda Civic Type-R will be available in Canada for some time now. While we don’t have a definitive answer to that lingering question, a recent report from Car and Driver indicates that we likely won’t see the Civic Type-R on Canadian soil anytime soon. At least… Read more »

Wheaton Honda team attends SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas

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Honda SEMA Display 2014

Honda Concepts SEMA Auto Show 2014 The innovation and creativity on display at the SEMA Auto show is enough to get anyone excited about the future of the automotive industry. While we have the opportunity to see all the new features Honda brings to the table each year in its production models, the automaker’s concept… Read more »