What will Honda bring to the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show?

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The Consumer Electronics Show, often known as CES, isn’t exactly an auto show. It’s just what it says, a show for all consumer electronics; smartphones, computers and everything in between. However, many different auto manufacturers put on presentations at CES each year, be it for a new piece of technology that will change the landscape… Read more »

Honda Branches Out Alternative Fuel Sources with Clarity FCV

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Introducing the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle

Introducing the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle It seems like, as far as technology is concerned, if we’re not talking about safety features we’re probably talking about fuel economy enhancements. All different kinds of alternative fuel sources are being researched and developed each year, and the technologies continue to get better and better. For instance,… Read more »

Is the Honda Civic Type R coming to Canada?

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Honda Civic Type R Concept

The Honda Civic Type R has been a hot topic in automotive circles over the course of the past few months. Unfortunately, the new performance hatchback was only set to be available overseas, which quickly deflated our excitement about the new model. That is until recently, when Motor Y Racing, a Spanish automotive website, reported… Read more »

Wheaton Honda team attends SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas

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Honda SEMA Display 2014

Honda Concepts SEMA Auto Show 2014 The innovation and creativity on display at the SEMA Auto show is enough to get anyone excited about the future of the automotive industry. While we have the opportunity to see all the new features Honda brings to the table each year in its production models, the automaker’s concept… Read more »