How’s This Work? Spoilers

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What is a Rear Spoiler? The subject of this week’s How’s This Work might seem a little strange, as it isn’t normally considered a feature but rather just an added design cue. But in reality, Rear Spoilers are much more than just a vehicular fashion statement. We thought we’d dive right into what they are… Read more »

2017 Honda CR-V Test Drive Review Event

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Honda’s compact SUV is all new for 2017, and is better in every way. Victoria, B.C. The CR-V is a big deal to Honda. It’s is the second-biggest seller for them, after their perennial (I don’t know, does 18 years in a row as best-selling car in Canada count as perennial?) sales driver, the Civic…. Read more »

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Photo Gallery

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The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid was one of the all-new models that Honda released this year, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. It seemed like Honda’s supply of hybrid vehicles was quickly diminishing, so we’re happy to be able to offer a hybrid sedan once again. With tons of visual updates and upgrades… Read more »

Used Car Spotlight: 2016 Dodge Challenger R/T

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Used 2016 Dodge Challenger R/T For Sale Edmonton AB We’re very excited about this week’s Used Car Spotlight, as it’s a pretty incredible muscle car. One of the newest versions of the iconic Dodge Challenger pony car, this 2016 Challenger R/T has all kinds of performance upgrades and enhancements that will make any sports car… Read more »

Did Honda win any 2017 Car and Driver 10Best Truck and SUV awards?

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Car and Drive is one of the most reputable automotive publications in the world, and each year they choose the 10Best Truck and SUV Award recipients. It isn’t like they just pick and choose, the put several different trucks and SUVs from across the market through vigorous tests, analyzing their comfortability, practicality, efficiency, safety, technology,… Read more »

How’s This Work? i-VTM4

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What is Intelligent Variable Torque Management? This week we’re getting super specific with the subject of our How’s This Work article. When we looked at what Drivetrain means and how they work, we of course touched on the all-wheel drive – or AWD – system. Now this week we’ll be looking at a very specific… Read more »

2016 Boxing Day Shopping Locations Edmonton AB

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Even though the United States’ Black Friday is becoming a bigger thing here in Canada, Boxing Day still marks a pretty big shopping day across the country. There might not be quite as many sales as you’re used to, but if you still want to head out shopping for the 2016 holiday, we’ve got a… Read more »

2017 Honda CR-V Photo Gallery

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The award-winning Honda CR-V has finally entered its next generation; the vehicle’s fifth since its inception over twenty years ago in 1995. We figured you might want a better look at what the new compact crossover will look like, so we’ve put together an all-inclusive photo gallery of a recent photo shoot that Honda has… Read more »

Used Car Spotlight: 2016 Audi A5

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Used 2016 Audi A5 For Sale Edmonton AB As we get deeper into the 2017 model year, more and more 2016 MY vehicles are going to be getting dropped off at our used car lot. So for this week’s Used Car Spotlight, we’re looking at a truly premium luxury vehicle, a used 2016 Audi A5… Read more »

2016 New Year’s Eve Events Edmonton AB

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Can you believe the end of 2016 is nigh? With just over three weeks left in our calendars, we cannot wait to celebrate another wonderful year as we bring in the next one on December 31st. There are plenty of great events in Edmonton AB and the surrounding area to attend, but we’ve come up… Read more »