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Car and Drive is one of the most reputable automotive publications in the world, and each year they choose the 10Best Truck and SUV Award recipients. It isn’t like they just pick and choose, the put several different trucks and SUVs from across the market through vigorous tests, analyzing their comfortability, practicality, efficiency, safety, technology, handling and any unique attributes. This year, the compact SUV and midsize pickup truck awards were captured by Honda vehicles, and you can read what C&D had to say about them below.

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“Through five generations and more than 20 years, the Honda CR-V has become a fixture on American highways and byways through a winning combination of practicality, value, and affability. It has consistently been among the top-10 best-selling vehicles in America – across all segments – and chances are you know someone (or three) who owns one. Yet the CR-V has never been better than it is with the release of the all-new 2017 model.”

– Erik Johnson, Car and Driver, 2017 10Best Trucks and SUVs

“Honda has never been afraid to go its own way, and the holistic approach it took in developing the ridgeline has resulted in a vehicle that’s a compelling blend of pickup, SUV, and even minivan attributes. It’s sturdy enough for 90 perfect of the tasks performed by 80 percent of the people, whether they know it (or will admit it) or not. The fact that this Honda is pleasant to live with on a daily basis simply sealed its victory.”

– Andrew Wendler, Car and Driver, 2017 10Best Trucks and SUVs

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